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I wasn’t always a PMU artist. Like most people, I started in a completely different career. I wanted to make a change because I just wasn't happy in the corporate world.  One day, I discovered permanent makeup and decided to give it a try I took my first course and fell in love! It was a life-changing experience and I knew I had found my new career.

Permanent makeup is a great way to help people feel confident and beautiful. It’s a very rewarding career and I love making people feel good about themselves. 

Our story
Our mission

Our Mission

After taking many courses over the years to give my clients the best possible results, I learned that most courses do not have all the information needed to become successful in this industry.  After meeting multiple new PMU artists that were not taught the proper knowledge, and struggled because of it, I decided to become an instructor. 

Our mission at Hudson Beauty Bar is not only to help people feel better about themselves, but to help anyone who wants to change their lives by giving people a new career they will love. 

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Esther Yim

Founder, Lead Instructor, Permanent Makeup Artist

Esther's journey into the beauty industry started as a child. While growing up, her mother, a business owner of two nail salons would bring Esther to work and open her eyes to the world of beauty and service.

After much soul-searching as a young adult about her future career path, Esther decided to go to Esthetics school, where she graduated from Christine Valmy in 2010. Shortly after, she pivoted to practicing permanent makeup and obtained her 100 hour fundamentals certification in 2013. A life-long learner, Esther regularly takes additional courses. She makes it her mission to take at least two courses annually because she wants to stay closely up to date with the rapidly changing trends of the beauty industry.

Esther is also a client of permanent makeup and experiencing how it simplified her morning routine first hand really motivated her to help other clients with the same needs. Especially for mothers, she understands how stressful it can be in the morning.

Not only does she help clients, but she also helps aspiring permanent make-up students get certified. Educating others has always been at the core of her passion to serve others.

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Certifications & Credentials

2010 - 2019

2019: Featured on Hoboken Girl, Hoboken, NJ

2019: Certified with Elleebana Lash Lift, New York, NY

2019: Certified with Advance Microblading with Katie Dang, New York, NY

2019: Certified Fellows of the AAM: American Academy of Micropigmentation, New Jersey

2019: Certified from Phi Academy as an Artist, New York, NY

2018: Certified from Jessi Academy, New York, NY

2018: Certificate of Completion with Phi Academy for Phi Contour, CostaMesa, CA

2017: Certified from ISPMU for Microblading, New York, NY

2014: Certified from the Korean Cosmetic Association, New York, NY

2010: Obtained New York State Esthetician license, New York, NY

2010: Graduated from Christine Valmy International School of Beauty, New York, NY

2020 - Present

2022: Group Coaching for AAM: Universal Precautions

2022: Trainer for SPCP, Edgewater, NJ

2021: Certified 15 students and helped obtain AAM Gold Membership, Seoul, South Korea

2021: Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional with SPCP, Edgewater, NJ

2021: Train the Trainers Course with SPCP, Las Vegas, NV

2021: Instructed 25+ students and helped obtain AAM Gold Membership, Busan, South Korea

2021: Certified with Brow Daddy, New York, NY

2021: Certified with Advanced PMU for Scalp Micropigmentation, New York, NY

2020: Certified with GirlzInk for Color Theory

2020: Certified with Li-FT for Saline Removal

2020: Platinum Certified Instructor for the AAM, Edgewater, NJ