Contraindications: Permanent Makeup If You Are Pregnant & Breastfeeding

When it comes to permanent makeup there are some precautions we need to take as permanent makeup artists with clients who have may contraindications to the procedure. It is very important for us to know the reasoning behind why we can’t take these clients so we can properly answer the client when they are being declined service.

Pregnant Woman

Let’s talk about clients who are pregnant and breastfeeding!

First and foremost this is a really big liability issue (your insurance won’t cover you if something were supposed to happen) due to the fact that there is very little research whether the products we use are safe for the unborn baby. If a permanent makeup artist is applying improper depth, there is a chance that the pigment and/or anesthetic can get into the bloodstream and since amide local anesthetics are primarily metabolized by the liver, and most ester local anesthetics are metabolized by pseudocholinesterases in the blood, it will be very risky and may harm the baby.

Also pregnant women have a hormonal imbalance so it will fluctuate with the pigment retention. Lastly, the client will be very prone to infection since it will be harder for the client’s immune system to fight infections. We have to keep in mind that the immune system is not at 100% when the client is pregnant so that should be a big concern for both parties.

Now, with breastfeeding the same rules apply (insurance won’t cover you) but in this case it’s more because of the topical anesthetics vs. the actual pigment. Some OBGYNs or nurses give the green light to clients and ask them to pump and dump for the next 48 hours to get the lidocaine and epinephrine out of their system, but the majority of the permanent makeup artists and/or clients will still not feel comfortable moving forward with the procedure until the client is fully done breastfeeding. This is not only putting the client at risk, but also the artist’s business.

In any case if you decide to take the breastfeeding client for a permanent makeup procedure, please make sure you get clearance letter on a script from the OBGYN so you have actual proof in writing!

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