All about permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is a two step process that can last anywhere up to 5 years depending on your body chemistry and your daily activities.

Some things that can factor in with the longevity are:
• combination/oily skin
• how much you sweat
• your daily skin regimen
• sun exposure
• anemia

Absolutely. At Hudson Beauty Bar, we take highest measures to prevent cross contamination and infection control is our highest priority.

The needles and microblading tools are all sterile and disposables and we use the highest rated pigments in the market.

We also offer allergy patch tests (although the chances are very low - 1 out of ~500 people).

The procedure involves puncturing of the skin so you may feel some discomfort. However, we use topical anesthetic (5% lidocaine) that will help you stay relaxed during your procedure and I will be there by your side walking you through the process.

Good question!

Microblading is a procedure where we take micro needles to create strokes that mimics your eyebrow hair. This service is ideal for clients with dry to normal skin as the oils will break down the pigment faster, resulting the longevity to be a lot less.

Powder brows is a procedure where we use the machine to create soft pixels which will give you a really powdery look. Some people have a misunderstanding thinking it does not look natural (think of the 90's, upside down U, really really thick almost black) but the technique have changed a LOT since then! This procedure can be done on any skin type (dry/normal/oily/combination).

Things have changed SO much in our industry and the pigment companies have understood and realized that trends change over a short period of time.

Our pigments now are meant to fade, but is considered permanent because we are tattooing in between your dermis and epidermis. However we cannot give you an estimate of when it will fade or how long it will take to completely fade because of your body chemistry.

Even with one stroke, one side made fade faster than the other! Funny and interesting how our skin works, right?

Permanent Makeup is ideal for you if you:
• wish to save time in the morning (when you’re a mom like me.. this is #1)
• have a hard time applying makeup
• might be allergic to makeup
• don’t like runny eyeliners
• want to have more pigment in your lips
• want to fill in your sparse eyebrows

Academy Questions

How exciting!

First you would need to take an AAM or SPCP approved 100 hour fundamental course with an approved trainer (that's us 😊). During the course, you will work on 6 procedures (2 eyebrows, 2 eyeliner, 2 lips).

After the course is over, you will need to take an apprenticeship program which will allow you to work on 9 additional procedures (3 eyebrows, 3 eyeliner, 3 lips) which will be a total of 5 eyebrows, 5 eyeliner and 5 lips all together.

Then we will help you gather all the documents you need to take the final AAM board exam online and once you pass, you will be able to work legally in the state of New Jersey!

Unless your certificate is an AAM or SPCP approved 100 hour fundamental certificate, it is not valid to take your AAM exam.

You would have to take the approved course and the apprenticeships after!

Every course will include:
• intense theory
• work on live models
• lifetime support
• access to our FB group
• certificate of completion
• exclusive discounts on products
• starter kit ($899 value) that includes the Dragonhawk Mast Tour wireless machine, Browdaddy pigments, Mast cartridges, latex, and everything else you need to set up shop
• and much, MUCH more!

Absolutely! We charge $550 per procedure and you will be directly supervised by an approved instructor.

Absolutely not! We will walk you through everything from the beginning to end. Even if you are an experienced artist, our course curriculum does not change.

aam platinum trainer

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