How To Find The Best PMU Studio or Permanent Makeup Artist?

Ever thought of getting a cosmetic tattoo? Finding the best studio or permanent makeup artist is crucial when getting any procedure done as it can save you a lifetime of regret just by doing a little research and asking the right questions. 

Why is it important to pick the right studio or artist? 

Once you decide which permanent makeup service you want, it is important to pick the right artis/studio. Going the cheapest route is not exactly the best idea! Make sure you do your research because this will be on your face for quite some time!

You also don't want to spend double on getting a correction done.

What to look for in a permanent makeup artist:

When choosing a studio or permanent makeup artist you want to make sure you look at various things. Here are a couple of things to look for:   

1: Their Portfolio: Before, After & Healed

It is always a good idea to look at the work of your potential PMU Artist. You want to be able to look at their style and results to see if you like it. Everyone is all a little bit different and may have a style you like or dislike. 

If you have never done permanent makeup before, it is also a good idea to look at different skin types to see if you would like a certain color for yourself. 

You want to feel confident when going into your appointment and seeing their portfolio of work will help you do just that.

2. Check Their Reviews

Look at what their past clients have to say. An artist who has clients that take the time to write a good review is a great thing. It means they probably do a good job. This will also help you get over any anxiety, knowing that other people got good results. 

Make sure you take your time and look for reviews on their Yelp, Google, or Facebook.

3. Look At Their Training And Experience

When looking for the best studio or artist for your permanent makeup, it is a good idea to take a look at their training and experience. If the studio has multiple artists check to see if they are certified artists who have the necessary knowledge and skills to give you the best service. 

If you can't find any information about their training, just ask them. 

- Who trained the artist you are looking at?

- Does the trainer have their qualifications?

- Did that artist complete their apprenticeship? (Most states don't require this)

- How many services has the artist completed

- Does the artist have experience doing clients of the same ethnicity and skin color as you?

Here at Hudson Beauty Bar, all of our Permanent Makeup Artists go through training but the founder, Esther Yim with over 10 certifications, has taught many many permanent makeup artists over the years, and taken over hundreds of clients. Having an experienced trainer as your artist's employer is always a plus. 


4. What kind of pigments do they use?

Believe it or not, this can be a very important question. There is a difference between permanent makeup ink, known as pigment, and tattoo ink. Pigment is specifically designed for your face, and it is created with better ingredients. 

If they are using tattoo ink, or anything other than PMU Pigment you should be hesitant. If they are trained properly you shouldn't have a problem. 

5. Book a consultation and and visit the studio

It is completely normal to feel nervous before your first permanent makeup service. A good way to oversee that is to book a consultation appointment. Most studios and artists will have this option available. 

During the consultation you can let the artist know of any worries or questions you have so they can put you at ease. 

6. Do you feel comfortable?

During the consultation you get a chance to observe the studio and the artist. What does your gut tell you? 

If you do not feel comfortable, and your gut is telling you this is not the right person, then move on. There is always another artist you will feel more comfortable with. 

7. Ask about their touch up or correction policy

Just like most things in the beauty industry sometimes the results aren't exactly what you wanted the first time. In permanent makeup sometimes the first time you do a procedure the artist does not know how your skin will take the pigment. Some parts might need modification because the pigment didn't retain well, or maybe after your brows heal you decide you want the brows a little thicker after all. This is why many artists offer touch ups to finalize the look. 

What to avoid in a studio or PMU Artist?

Knowing what to avoid is just as good as knowing what to look for. When you start researching trying to find the right permanent makeup artist for you it's important to keep an eye out for these red flags:

- avoid any studios or artists that cannot provide before and after photos

- bad reviews on their Yelp, Facebook, or Google 

- heavily discounted prices

- lack of a sterile environment

- don't have proper training or certifications

- don't use proper safety protocols

- specialize solely in tattoo body art. Tattoo and permanent makeup are not the same thing and require different tools/ink/techniques. Learn more about that here (link to last blog)

If you see any of those, I would recommend you to double check to make sure that particular artist/studio is right for you. For instance maybe they are a new artist so their prices are low, but they do good work on the few clients they have had. In that case, you may want to stay, avoid the red flag and give them a chance. 


Finding the right permanent makeup artist or studio is crucial to ensure you get the results you are paying for. It is important to not just go with the affordable option, as this is a permanent procedure that will stay on your face for years. Instead, research and carefully consider the artist's portfolio, reviews, training and experience, pigments used, and your overall comfort level. Be sure to book a consultation and ask about their touch up or correction policy. By doing your due diligence and taking the time to choose the right artist, you can avoid a lifetime of regret.

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If you have ever thought about becoming a permanent makeup artist yourself please visit our training site here to learn more!

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