Recap of 2021

Happy 2022 :) 

Here is a recap of what we did in 2021!
  • Meet Karla and Evita, our two beautiful women who have joined our Hudson Beauty Bar team. We are expanding and loving it!

  • 안녕하세요! Esther was invited to Korea in the summer and winter to teach the importance of infection control when performing permanent makeup procedures.

    During our visits, we helped to certify over 40 students in Korea with the AAM.

  • You’re all VIPs. And we’ve been blessed to be able to work with a growing list of celebrity clients (Jessica Ho aka JESSI, celebrity chef Esther Cho, food blogger Lauren Kim, fashion influencer Patricia Chang, and many more..)

The new year has approached and we hope you and your loved ones make this the best year yet! I personally don't like the cold (Elsa and I cannot be friends) and like to hibernate in the winter time.
I take the time off to plan for the year ahead and work on lots of back end things like scheduling for Q1, academy collaborations, website revamping (btw did you guys notice? this is a NEW website that happened this month in January!), preparing lots of new content that's ready to be pushed out, re-stock in inventory and so much more! The month of January can be slow business wise, but I always like to take that as a sign from the universe because everything happens for a reason. I personally feel so much more productive when I get all these things done and feel relieved. 

With that being said, I am really really excited for what we have stored for you in 2022 for you, and me!

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