The Pro's and Con's Of Permanent Makeup

Can you think about the amount of hours you put in your lifetime applying makeup? Probably a lot! This is one of the main reasons why people are interested in getting a permanent makeup procedure!

However, you may want to weigh out the pros and cons of permanent makeup before committing to anything. We will elaborate on them in this post.

How Does Permanent Makeup Work?

Let’s talk about how permanent makeup actually works! Some people call it cosmetic tattoo or micropigmentation, but just like a body art tattoo, it is permanent. The only thing different between body art and permanent makeup/cosmetic makeup tattoo is that our pigments are meant to fade.

The depth of the needle also doesn’t penetrate deeply into the dermis, like how a body art tattoo would but deep enough to call it “permanent”.

If you would like to learn more about permanent makeup, please check out our What is permanent makeup blog here (add link)

Who Is a Good Candidate for Permanent Makeup?

Almost anybody can be a good candidate for a permanent makeup procedure, especially those who struggle on a daily basis with applying makeup; however, some clients might be limited due to contraindications.

Also clients who have uneven pigmentation, working mothers who like to cut their morning routine in half, clients who are thinning out on their scalp and would like to cover (scalp micropigmentation), loss of pigments on their lips or clients who cannot physically put on makeup would be good candidates for permanent makeup.

All in all, permanent makeup can be a great choice for anyone looking to save time in their beauty routine, while looking beautiful throughout the day.

The Pro's of Permanent Makeup

  1. Permanent makeup is very convenient: Although this can be the most obvious benefit, it is still one of the best. Not needing to wake up every day and worry about how much time you need to put on makeup is such a wonderful thing!
  2. Save time in your daily routines: Life can get super busy, especially if you have children. Every second counts, and being able to just throw some clothes on and leave is the best.
  3. This stays on: Since your permanent makeup is waterproof, smudge proof and sweat proof, you don’t have to worry about your permanent makeup being affected when you are sweating, sneezing, eating, or just touching your face. It will look the same all day, everyday.
  4. Less pain than body art tattoo: Permanent makeup penetrates slightly above the skin where the body art tattoo goes, and we apply anesthetics so it can help with the pain.
  5. The look can be adjusted to your liking: Everyone is different and has different styles. That is why your PMU Artist will speak with you to make sure they do the best job possible. 
  6. It will improve your confidence: Like some of us, walking around with spare brows may interfere with your confidence. Having permanent makeup will help with it especially if you are self conscious about your appearance.
  7. It saves you money in the long run: Just think about all the money spent on lipstick, eyeliner, and eyebrow products. With permanent makeup, you won't have to spend any money on those anymore!

The Cons of Permanent Makeup

There are very few cons in permanent makeup, but here are few:

  1. There is temporary discomfort: The procedure is pain free through the use of anesthetic gel, but at some points there may be discomfort. This is completely normal, and more anesthetic gel can be applied to counteract any discomfort. 
  2. It is very uncommon, but the pigment used may cause an allergic reaction if you are allergic: Permanent makeup pigments go through more trials and specifications than tattoo ink. So the likelyhood of you being allergic is low, however if you are concerned please consult your doctor.
  3. Trends in style do change in time: So there is a chance a few years from now thin eyebrows are in again and you can not shrink your brows. However, this is very unlikely and the pigment will fade over the years. 
  4. Touch ups are necessary: It is always recommended to get yearly touch ups to keep your permanent makeup looking as best as possible. 
  5. After the procedure you can not put on makeup for a few days while the area heals. But, it is only for a few days. 


After weighing out the pros and the cons of permanent makeup you can see that the pros far out weigh the cons. Being able to wake up, hop out of bed, put on clothes, and not have to worry about putting on makeup is amazing. You can virtually save hours a week if you need to draw on brows and eyeliner everyday. 

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